In 2002 the New England Green Chemistry Consortium (NEGCC) was established to build strategic partnerships and alliances in the New England area among the six land-grant universities, small and large businesses and state and federal government. The mission of the NEGCC is to educate, discover, develop, apply, and promote green chemistry in all its forms and thereby reduce the intrinsic hazards of the Chemical Enterprise. The NEGCC has a common goal of pursuing innovative research to examine, utilize and further develop the principles of green chemistry and better enable the competitiveness and productivity of industry. A further objective is to promote green chemistry through education and outreach. The NEGCC hopes to:

· Promote and support new and existing interdisciplinary, Green Chemistry research and development projects involving collaborations between New England Universities and Industry.

· Expand the relationship between area Universities and State and Federal Government to help identify potential mechanisms for accelerating the adoption of Green Chemistry technologies and help to remove potential barriers.

· Seek to incorporate Green Chemistry Principles into the education of current and future chemists and engineers, and demonstrate to the community that Chemistry must be a part of the solution.