In May 2002 the New England Green Chemistry Consortium (NEGCC) was established to build strategic partnerships and alliances in the New England area among the six land-grant universities, small and large businesses and state and federal government. The central motivation for the establishment of the nation's first regional green chemistry consortium is to promote world class research in green chemistry which will in turn provide measurable economic benefits, as well as to provide a regional model for excellence which will help similar collaborative endeavors in other parts of the United States. The six New England land grant universities of Massachusetts (Amherst and Lowell), Connecticut (Storrs, CT), Maine (Orno, ME), New Hampshire (Durham, NH), Rhode Island (Kingston, RI) and Vermont (Burlington, VT), have played a leadership role in the development and successful implementation of green chemistry research. The New England states are foremost in the development of legislative and regulatory policies that promote the development of new environmental technology solutions. As a direct result, New England is the foremost region in the United States for developing collaborative initiatives that promote academic programs and commercial entrepreneurship to safeguard the environment.


The NEGCC has a common goal of pursuing innovative research to examine and further develop the principles of green chemistry and better enable the competitiveness and productivity of basic industry in New England and the nation. A further objective is to increase the acceptance of green chemistry through education and outreach. The NEGCC is committed to pursue a long-term, multi-year collaborative program in the following three focus areas: Technical Research, Policy & Regulation, and Education and Outreach. We work closely with state and local environmental agencies to identify Green Chemistry solutions for the high-priority chemical hazards throughout New England.