Technical Research

In collaboration with industrial partners across the country, our focus is development of new environmentally appropriate materials by creating alternative feedstocks to replace petroleum-based polymers and to develop alternative processing methods to improve material performance.

Alternative Feedstocks

Integrated Forest Products Refinery (IFPR)
The objective of NEGCC is to evolve chemical pulp and wood product production facilities into biorefineries that produce new materials while continuing to meet the growing demand for pulp and paper products.

Bio-Based Polymers
The bio-transformation of organic crops, such as corn, has led to a range of polyesters such as poly lactic acid (PLA) and polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA). Applications of these polyesters could include paper coatings, wood product finishing, adhesives, and waterborne coating technologies.

This project is based on our expertise in agricultural and polymer science to convert the waste streams into polymers and composites.

Alternative Processing

Radiation-Curable Coatings
New, radiation-curable coatings will be developed based on new photo-reactive monomers.

Aqueous Coatings
Waterborne coatings have been a green chemistry revolution for commodity paints, allowing users to apply protective coatings dispersed in water that are ultimately waterproof.